Feature Request: Rule Engine Hide/Show Tile

I would like to be able to use rule engine to hide or show a specified tile in a specified dashboard. A hidden tile would presumably be replaced with a spacer tile, so that the configurable tile appears to hide or show.

One use case is to hide or show information, depending on whether or not that information is relevant.
For example, show a traffic indicator only at times of the day when traffic is relevant. As another example, show the album art tile only when music is being played and hide it when music is not being played.

The current workaround to load different dashboards is overkill and unworkable given that I am wanting different dashboards for different weather (creates too many permutations).

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Just a heads up that I moved this to our Feature Requests category so it can be voted on.

This thing has been up here for 4 months? How many votes does it take to get a great feature like this implimented? Wow, if its really been up here for 4 months, i dont see you guys adding any new features.

Well, actually, it may be because the request became mostly moot or subsumed by another feature request. Now, we can make a tile completely transparent with styles, so that’s what I’ve been doing to effectively hide a tile.

As @Justin_Leonard alluded to, there may be other ways to accomplish this. With the introduction of Themes and Styles you could make a tile transparent for a certain state.

And with the update to the Hero Attribute tile and Variable tiles a few months back you can even do this with custom values (eg. from the rule engine).

I’m not sure what Justin’s original use case around different weather features on a dashboard was, but the Custom Tiles feature has been used to make some really neat custom weather tiles. :star_struck:

There’s not a specific threshold for a total number of votes, but we do generally work on the top voted items or strategic items. With only 4 votes on this, there’s other more highly requested features from the community that we’ve been knocking out.

We are constantly working on improving things and frequently release new features based on popular community request which you can find sorted by release date here:


Im not a programmer. Everything i see going on here is …This can be accomplished if you hold your breath and blink your eyes at a fast enough rate, so no need to make changes to our dashboard. Appearantly, the bulk of your customers are super programmers. You would think you guys would want to make this product more powerful but easy to use by your customers. Instead, you are reluctant to make what i believe are simple updates. Thats the reason i switched from smartthings th hubitat. Smartthings was difficult for me to do certain things. Hubitat on the other hand has the very powerful rule machine and i can do very sofisticated things with it. Anyway, i do not know how to use styles let alone access them in the rules.

I have used this dashboard for almost a year and i do love the dashboard i have created, however, i am unable to make things like hiding tiles when the HSM in not disarmed work. I guess its time to search for another solution for dashboard if one exists.

Thanks for the feedback, Bill, and my apologies if the provided links and high-level explanation weren’t helpful.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend taking a look at the Themes and Styles post linked above. It describes the concepts behind Themes and Styles, but perhaps more importantly has some links to relevant knowledge base articles toward the bottom.

As Justin alluded to, you can use a completely transparent color as the background and foreground color for your tile (and hide the shadow) which will make it disappear.

Here’s a brief video demo showing how you can use an inline style to set the tile to transparent when it is active (eg. Armed Home, Armed Away) and a style of your choice when it’s Disarmed (eg. Default):


Note that even though the tile is transparent, it technically still exists and can still be tapped, so if you don’t want people to be able to control things, I would check the box next to Security in the tile settings and choose either ‘View Only’ or ‘PIN Protected’ depending on your desired goal.

Note that the security setting applies to the tile as a whole, regardless of the ‘state’ of the tile.

If you don’t want to adjust the security settings of the tile and you just want the tile to not be clickable when it’s transparent, you can do that but it requires Custom CSS. I’m happy to share some steps on how to that too if you’d like. :smiley:

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I would like to add…

In my case, one aspect of a competing platform I liked was this concept but a bit deeper.
My example would be a weather alert widget…
If active, it would “overlay” on the dashboard.
When it was empty it would be completely gone, leaving the normal dashboard layout.

Using the concept above, you would still have to designate an area for the Weather Alert - even if it wasn’t active.

Not sure if it’s possible, but I would love have an area, perhaps not as important as a weather alert, “disappear” and let the weather alert take it’s place. When the alert is gone, the unimportant widget would return to the same location.