Feature Request - Make tiles actionable objects

I would like the ability to change certain properties of a tile based on execution of Rules. The way I see it working is that there would be an additional option in the Action interface, let’s call it “Tiles”.

I think at a minimum the following properties should be changeable:

  1. Label, 2) Colors and 3) Icon

I think there is a tremendous range of applications for this but here are a few examples:

  1. I use a multi-purpose sensor to measure the vibration of the main furnace\AC vent and it tells me when it is running or not running. Rather than say Active or Inactive (which isn’t very intuitive) it could say AC On, AC Off, Heat On or Heat Off

  2. When a multi-purpose sensor is open the icon could be changed to an open door and then back again when the door closes. This could be also be used for windows, garages, cabinets, fridge etc.

  3. A tile could show a full Trash Can every tuesday as a reminder to take out the trash.

  4. The icon on a tile could be changed based upon a button press. Press the button when you clean the litter box. Be helpful to have @Date, @Day and @Time macros so the tile would read, Litter Box Cleaned - Tuesday at 6:49 PM. Now your partner knows what’s what.

I think that is probably enough examples but hit me up if you want more.


@Gary_Milne You are absolutely right about the usefulness of allowing more interactions between rules and dashboard/tiles, and we believe it can be very powerful.

Concept wise, we have some internal discussion on this, and it may be more extensible to use variables. Ex: rule to set variables based on desired conditions, and tile to change display based on variables then. It’s a little bit tricky to keep the UI/UX simple while allowing power users to customize the tile display based on the interaction with variable/rule though, but it’s definitely in our list.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I will add your use cases into our story. :slight_smile:

@James I am a new user and was looking for guidance on how to implement this capability when I came across this request. Is there an update on getting this implemented? This would definitely be a powerful tool for people. My use case example would be for smart home monitoring. I would like a rule to change the SHM tile to red if it is set to disarmed and green if it is set to armed. That would provide a visual cue from a distance as to the SHM status.

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@Michael_Williams welcome to the community and thanks for posting! The SHM tile has support for active coloring which means you can customize the SHM tile coloring to accomplish what you’re looking for:

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@josh, thank you so much! I tried to see if there was already a solution before I made my post, but I obviously did not look hard enough! Thanks again!

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The latest SharpTools.io beta includes support for choosing icons and colors for each device state (for a number of device types).Since you’re part of the beta program, you can find details on the new feature in the following post in the private Beta Testers category:


For anyone else who is interested in joining the beta program, you can find more details on how to join the beta in the Beta Testers Requested! thread.