Fan Tile with Lutron Caseta

I’m using the fan tile with Lutron Caseta fan speed controllers via Hubitat but I’m finding that only the Low and High speed settings work. Medium Low and Medium High don’t change anything (and thus leave the fan set to Low). I believe I’ve read before that the Caseta uses different fan speed (names) to other controllers (Low, Medium, Medium High and High), is there a way around this with the fan tile or is it not currently compatible with the Caseta as the speed don’t match (and Hubitat doesn’t supply the supported speeds)?

As there haven’t been any replies, I assume nobody else is trying to use the Caseta fan controller with SharpTools, but for future reference, I was able to come up with a solution using a virtual device and a couple of Hubitat rules, as follows:

First, create a Virtual Fan Controller device on your Hubitat (name it something similar to the physical fan controller you want to use, I append “VF” onto the end of the name).

Second, create a Rule Machine Rule to map virtual fan controller speed changes to the physical fan controller speeds. The mapping is as follows:

Fan Speed Table

My Rule, for example is here (you could do one rule per speed, but I prefer nested conditional actions in one Rule personally):

Next, create a Rule to map changes in the physical fan controller speed to the virtual fan controller, something like this:

Finally, add the virtual fan controller in the SharpTools app on your Hubitat, add the respective item to your dashboard and you’re good to go.

The only “downside” is that the fan speed reported on the dashboard reflects that of the virtual controller, so it won’t match the speed names on the Lutron Caseta app, but cycling fan speeds works perfectly so I’m not really bothered about that too much.

I hope this is useful if anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation.


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Thanks for sharing your workaround!

You might also be interested in casting a vote on the following feature request:

No worries, I hope its helpful.

Yes, I already voted for that one too!

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