Enhancement Request - Have Rules sorted in alphabetical order

Currently rules are retrieved based on creation order. This means that related rules may not be adjacent. As the list grows it gets more cumbersome to work with.

Having rules be sorted alphabetically would be easier to work with and reward consistent naming such as:

Lights - Dim Bedroom Lights
Lights - Turn on living room lights
Security - Lock Front door at 10:00 PM
Security - Turn on outside lights

or based on room
Bedroom 1 - Rule
Bedroom 2 - Rule
Dining Room - Rule
Kitchen - Rule

I would think this would be an easy change to make.

Please tell me if I’m creating these feature requests in the wrong place.


@Gary_Milne, can you please take a screenshot of your rule list? The rule list should be sorted alphabetically, and I am wondering why it looks different for you then. Thanks.

Here it is and I think I have a fair guess at the problem. Is the current sort order ASCII based? If so that would put anything capitalized ahead of anything that wasn’t which seems to be the case.

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Thanks @Gary_Milne. Yes, the sort is effectively ASCII based and case sensitive (technically Unicode). It does make more sense to be case insensitive, so I’ve added it to our list.

James, a related item to add this to the list. I can’t guess what order its using here but it should be the same as the other dialog.

Yup, I have noted this in the same rule list ordering work item, as well as few other places. Thank you for reporting. :slight_smile:

James, when you are on the topic of sorting things in alphabetical order perhaps you could add Dashboards to the list also.

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@Gary_Milne, yes, Rule, Dashboard, Add Items in the dashboard and all lists in Manage Resources page are updated to alphabetical sorting and case-insensitive in the recent beta release. Please take a look of the beta announcement and let me know how do you like the changes. Thanks.:wink:

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James, just looked at mine and they all look good.

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@Gary_Milne, the list sorting update has been released to production. See below for the release note for details and other updates.