Embed Web page from 3rd-party site into dashboard (iframe or otherwise)

Can you share a step-by-step of how to do this for someone who has a technical background, but who’s never used PowerApps?

If you’re looking to display a list, you can do it in Google Sheets and export the table as an image. Pretty sure @josh or @James posted about it before.

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Unfortunately, I’m specifically looking to do an iFrame.

:tada:This is now possible with Custom Tiles. You can either:

  • Create a Custom Tile using the URL option for each site you want
  • Use the Refreshable URL Embed custom tile if you want to be able to embed sites without having to define them in advance and want to optionally add a periodic refresh.

:point_down::point_down:That being said, I’m looking for feedback! :point_down::point_down:

Should this feature request be closed out?

The new Custom Tile feature functionally accomplishes the original request, but I’m contemplating if something like the Refreshable URL Embed custom tile linked above should be a native feature rather than requiring the import of a custom tile - basically making it more discoverable and easier to use.

The challenge is that many sites block being embedded and it’s not something that can be detected in modern browsers – different browsers handle this differently with some showing an error within the iframe and some not being very apparent that there even is an issue. As such, I’m wondering if coming to the community and seeing the discussion could actually be a helpful stop in the user journey.

For example, here’s what Chrome on a Windows PC looks like with a site that disallows embedding: :frowning:


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Person who figures out how can we embed blocked webpages too… I would personally buy that person a couple of beers.
I would also buy few beers to that person who tells me that there is some kind of floating buttons for Windows that hangs top of the browser. Buttons would allow user to get back to SharpTools dashboard page in full screen mode if user has opened a new full screen tab.

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Wuuooohh, those are a bunch of beers ! :beers: