Embed an app in the dashboard

Looking to embed an app (for example security, Wyze, Swann, etc.) in a dashboard allowing user to access the app and return to the dashboard?

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting, @Mike_Kosor!

Can you clarify what you mean by emedding an app? You can use the Hyperlink Tiles to directly open other applications. You can find more details on this in the following post:

If the cameras provide a supported snapshot / stream output, you might also be able to use the Media Tile:

For example, some Swann cameras directly provide a JPEG snapshot or MJPEG stream. And while Wyze cameras don’t directly provide a compatible stream, you can use an app like TinyCam to convert the stream to a compatible format:

If you have the RTSP firmware on your Wyze camera, you could also use an NVR to transcode the stream as shown here: Display Wyze Cam on Dashboard through Blue Iris


Thanks. Look forward to using Sharptools.

I’d like to open apps such as Wyze, Swann Security, etc. from the dashboard- much like a hyperlink opens a URL

The first link from my post above should be helpful: :smiley: