Dumb question, how you change a dimmer in the dashboard?

I was trying to change one of the dimmers, how I do this with dashboard? I can see the percentage of the light but I can’t change it

Tap the percentage and a modal window will come up a slider allowing you to change the percentage.

I was beleiving that I was really dumb, but I don’t have those percentage! Every tile just has on or off, depending the status of the light.

Ah, my apologies… I thought you were saying you saw the percentage in the bottom-right of the tile. Is this on Hubitat dimmers? If so, I see where the difference is and I’ll work on getting an enhancement out so you can control dimmers on Hubitat as well.

Ok, yes Hubitat dimmers, thank you Josh

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I saw now it was fixed, thanks

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Thanks for reminding me - almost forgot that I included this in today’s release! Here’s the list:

Can I use the android app for hubitat only?

The SharpTools Android app which has Tasker and Widget support only works with SmartThings at this time. It’s on our hit list to update the app to work with the SharpTools.io platform so it can take advantage of the latest platform integrations.

In the meantime, if you are primarily looking for visualizing and controlling your devices, you can add SharpTools.io to your home screen. It’s a progressive web app so it adds an app icon, launches more like a traditional app, and uses some features like local caching.

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Ok, just asking, I completed my migration from ST to HE and only using ST for google home my lights with other hub app and now I will play with SharpTools Dashboard! Thanks