Double sliding door supertile

So i was playing around with the idea to create a super tile for the double sliding door. I have a few in my house. Each double sliding door has two contact sensors. So I created a super tile with two icons for each door.

I also configured states for each contact sensor, up until now everything works fine.

Now i added the stile to my dashboard and configured states for the tile

I understand (or was told) that the animations and other effects will affect the entire tile, but still wanted to see what will happen if I will give separate effect for each state, what happened is a bit strange, and I’m not sure i can figure out the logic -:). Any ideas?

Is the icon on the right a custom icon? It likely has the white color hard-coded. If it’s in SVG format, you might be able to run it through the SVG stripper as noted here:

Yep it is a custom svg. Good catch. So to summarize there is no trick to make only one side to pulsate ?


Not officially. There’s a feature request which has gained some interest recently that you may be interested in casting a vote on: Add ability to style individual parts of a super tile