Double Height Thermostat Current Temp Precision

Currently for the Double Height Thermostat tile I only see whole number precision listed for current temperate. Can you please enable an option for decimal reading like what is available for Hero Attribute?

Hi @Jason_Gavin thanks for the suggestion. The Thermostat tiles automatically switch to decimal precision when the value is reported in the Celsius range or if it’s reported with a decimal value.

Can you help me better understand your particular use case?

Thanks @josh for the quick reply. I have attached a screen shot for reference but the Thermostat Tile is not reflecting what the Hero Tile is showing for the same device attribute. It seems to drop the 1/10 degree precision. Any thoughts?
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Thanks for the screenshot! Which attribute do you have on display in the Hero Attribute tiles?

The double height thermostat displays the heatingSetpoint and coolingSetpoint attributes. If either of those attributes are in the Celsius range or report a decimal value, then they should be displayed with decimal precision.

If you don’t mind me asking, what make/model thermostat is this and is it using an official device handler / driver or something community developed?

Edit: I just went back and re-read your first post and realized you said current temperature. (eg. The small temperature in the footer showing “Currently 74°”. This value in the footer uses the decimal formatting based on the heating/cooling setpoints.

Thanks again for the reply Josh and apologies if I wasn’t clear initially. For awareness I recently switched to using Honeywell T6 Pro’s (previously CT-100’s) with custom driver:

The only comment I think I could make here is that many thermostats that I have interfaced with don’t allow setpoints in the decimal range but DO report temperature in decimal form. In the case of the T6 there is an advanced option to allow reporting in decimal back to the hub.

I can always take a look at the custom driver to change the attributes but wondering if there is the capability on the Sharptools side?

Thanks for the additional details! I think it’s a reasonable request to have the reported temperature value (eg. Current Temperature) independently determine if it should report itself in decimal or not rather than depend on the setpoints. I’ve noted the request. :slight_smile:

Edit: This is included in the latest platform release - thanks for the feedback!

:link: Security Icons and Thermostat Improvements

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