Display Tertiary Attribute capability on tile

I think its great to be able to display Secondary attributes in the lower right corner of the tile, but I would like to also display a Tertiary attribute in the other corner.

My current use case is for the Awair Air Monitor tile:

Hero: Awair score (91)
Secondary attribute (lower left): Temp (76F)
Tertiary attribute (lower right): CarbonDioxide (578)

I second the request. I would like to see at least two additional parameters on a tile.

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@Joe_Palovick welcome to the community and don’t forget to cast your vote at top of the post. :grinning:

I would like to see something like this. My use cases:

For Ecowitt Weather sensors, would allow me to see:

  • Temp, humidity, and battery status
  • Lightning Sensor: Lightning Count, distance and battery
  • Locks: would allow seeing the Lock status, The Code or how the lock was last operated, and battery status.

Motion Sensor Would allow Active/ Inactive state, Lux reading and temp or battery status.

These are just a few examples. Thanks for the consideration.

This feature is now available in beta. If you have beta access, you can access the thread below:

:test_tube: https://community.sharptools.io/t/beta-hero-attribute-tile-enhancements/13515

I was just looking through the list of feature requests and noticed that I forgot to post an update that this feature was released to production in October 2023!

:tada: Hero Attribute Tile Enhancements