Display content from an Andoid app in a tile

I am looking to create a dashboard on an Android Fire tablet possibly using ShapTools.
I need to understand if it’s possible to display an Android app in a tile - I guess a bit like Windows - I see others have talked about linking apps like Spotify to a tile, but it sounded like that may have been launching the app fullscreen from a tile then exiting back to the dashboard…
I want to display the Myenrgi app (which shows the energy flows in my house from Solar Panels, the Grid, my house battery etc) on part of the screen and show my security camera alongside it. Perhaps with a few other buttons etc. I am beginning to wonder if this will require 2 tablets with one dedicated to Myenergi.

No, Android doesn’t allow embedding parts of apps directly within a web browser.

As you alluded to, if the app has an integration with a Smart Home platform that we support, you may be able to integrate it directly. Or if the app has an API, you might be able to integrate it that way. For example, there’s a community developed Spotify Custom Tile.

Otherwise, some people use Hyperlink Tiles so they can tap a tile to open their desired app, then back out of the app to return to their dashboard… or if you’re using a kiosk app like Fully Kiosk, you may be able to have it automatically return to your dashboard after a period of inactivity.