Delay never completes with 'Trigger' Rule

Hi Folks,

I have a rule that is triggered by a garage door opening. It then turns on lights (if they were off), waits 10 minutes, then turns off the lights that were turned on by the rule.

During my first test, the rule execution seemed to ‘die’:

6:01:28 PM Triggered by device event: Left Garage Door door is open
6:01:28 PM IF condition logic is matched. Continuing to activities in the “THEN” path.
6:01:28 PM Sending device command: Garage Lights ▸ on()
6:01:28 PM Set variable value: $blnTurnGarageLightOff = true
6:01:29 PM IF condition logic is not matched. Continuing to activities in the “ELSE” path.
6:01:29 PM Pausing rule execution for 600 seconds (delay).

Since it’s 30 degrees and snowing after 2 minutes or so after the door opened, I closed the door.


  1. Does a rule that is triggered by a device get cancelled if the triggering event changes?
  2. If no, why did the pause never complete?
  3. Is there a way to turn on debug/verbose logging?


I would need to see the rule (as it was configured at the time of the rule run) to better understand the context.

I don’t see anything that stands out to me from the rule screenshot. If you want to send the Rule ID along with the approximate time and timezone of the execution issue to, I’d be happy to take a closer look.

Thanks for sharing the Rule ID via email. Copying part of the email reply here: it looks like the rule was edited a few minutes after the delay was scheduled. When the rule is edited, it automatically unschedules any delay actions. :slight_smile:

Ahh okay. Would be nice if that was reflected in the log so I wouldn’t have to bother you.

Thanks for the assist!


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