Day of Week Condition

I haven’t been able to fund a condition that would allow me to have a rule for weekdays but not weekends. Is there any way to work a “day of the week” into a condition?


Hi Casey, good feedback. RE currently doesn’t have the weekend/weekday repeat option, but it is in my list to hit. I have some ideas to allow specific days in the week or month, or repeat every x period (minutes, hours, days) to make the timer trigger more flexible. Please feel free to let me know how/what options you’d like it to have so I can include it in the design. Thanks.


For me, all I really am looking for is the ability to pick specific days of the week. Just being able to check M, T, W, T, and F. Or maybe only a few days, if one wants. That would provide the flex.


Hi @Casey_Stanley,
We have rolled out the “Day of Week” option and “Sate stays…” as trigger and condition in Rule Engine in beta last week. Are you interested in joining the beta group and trying out the new features. :slight_smile:

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@Casey_Stanley, the “Day of Week” and “States stays …” features have been released to production today with other enhancements. You can find more information from our announcement in case you have seen this yet.