Dashboard shortcut icon to change state

I’m not sure if this is an option or even possible. I have panel headers on my panel that are also short cuts to other panels. I was looking to see if there was a way that if one of the “things” in a particular panel were to trigger active that the panel short cut tile would also change as a notification that something was active or triggered in that panel. This would be helpful if you do not have a large screen or looking to de clutter the screen. I currently have a security tile that links to the security dashboard that has more sensors attached. If one of the other sensors in the security dashboard was to go active then the security tab would change state as well. I could make this a Virtual switch but would also like to press on it to go to the security dashboard as well.

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I use SharpTools rules to aggregate device status into a variable. Then use that variable as a tile and configure it to link to the detail dashboard.

Similar to what’s mentioned here-- Create device groups? - #2 by James

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Thanks. I will look into this and see if I can figure it out. I’m not too familiar with setting up variables within the rule engine. I would love to learn if you or anyone has a quick guide on how this would be done.

@Ryan_Mclellan, you can find the brief Variable introduction in the post below.

I have a few rules aggregating my sensors’ battery status or door open/close states into variable, and I have the variable as tile in the dashboard as @Chris_C mentioned to give me the high level idea if something is not right, and I can tap the variable tile to go to the other dashboard for more detailed view. Here are some quick steps to get you started, and feel free to post your rule screenshot if you need some help.

  1. Create a True/False variable


  2. Create a rule to aggregate doors’ status

    • Trigger: (to be triggered when any of the doors’ state changed)
      • when front door is changed to open
      • when front door is changed to closed
      • when back door is changed to open
      • when back door is changed to closed
    • Flow:
      • If front door is open OR back door is open, then set $anyDoorOpen variable to True, else set it to False
  3. Add this variable to the dashboard and conifgure the tap action to open hyperlink with the URL to the other dashboard page.


Thanks this opened up a lot more options. I tried it so far with open door and it worked. Just need to tweak my rule for the others i wanted to add.


One more thing. How can I enlarge the text on the variable tile I created. the text is small I would like it to be larger and in the center of the tile if possible. Thanks again.

You can edit the tile and change the tile size in the Main Content Size option.

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Not sure if was doing it correctly.
I needed to change these settings

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That could be great complemented if could an icon could be added to this tile, besides different styles depending of a variable (more than default and active), I think there is a feature voted for this issue, by example: Style 1 for 0 contacts opened, Style 2 for 1 or more contacts opened, Style 3 for all contacts opened.