Dashboard Sharing and Custom Tiles (and Google Sign In)

I have to say that logging to sharptools with google account is annoying (for me). At the beginning I created myself Sharptools account. Simple username and password. One time I did a mistake and clicked “login by using google account”. After that it is not possible anymore to log in by using username and password. User can only log in by using google account.

My issue is that I do not like to log in by using my private google account on computer which is used by other people. So when ever there is need to login to sharptools (browser data cleared or after updates etc) I have to log in to my private google account, then I’m able to use sharptools account and after that log out from google to disable browser access to my google account (email,calendar etc)

For that reason today I created new sharptools account and shared couple of my dashboards to be used and viewed by that new account. First I was happy because it seemed to work but quite quickly I figured out that “not premium user” has no way to use custom tiles. I have maps and stuff in my dashboard build with custom tiles and those did not work with the new sharptools account.

Does that mean that there is no way to fully view shared dashboard when there’s custom tiles in it?

This topic isn’t probably right place to ask about google account log in issue that I have but it would be nice if someone would clarify me if there is a way to revert from that one mistake (log in by using google account" and go back using sharptools username and password.

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear that things aren’t working as expected.

For the Google Sign In issue, you can link an email/password to your existing account. From your SharpTools.io User Page, tap the Link Email option in the user card and then follow the prompts. Similarly, you can link a phone number for SMS login if you find that more convenient. At that point, you’ll have both login options on the same SharpTools account.


Just a side note on the flow. If you create an account with an email/password and then perform a fresh login using the Google option (with the same email address), the Google sign-in will replace the existing email/password sign-in as a security measure.

If you create an email/password account and then use the Link Google option in the user card (similar to the Link Email option above), then it will add the Google sign-in option to your SharpTools account leaving both sign-in methods in tact.

That sounds like a bug. I’ll take a look and provide an update once I have more details.

Thanks for the instructions to get username and password back. It works and I’m happy now.

Custom tile issue might be a bug…but it clearly says that only premium members are allowed to add custom tiles and then there seems to be a tiny dilemma I would say… :slight_smile:

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We’ve just pushed an update which enables the sharing of Custom Tiles when a dashboard is shared.

Note that for any dashboards that are already shared (which contain Custom Tiles), you can unshare the dashboard and then re-share it to get the Custom Tiles shared. :wink:


It works! Thanks @josh and that was quick update indeed. :slight_smile:
And when 14 trial ends for the user it does not disable seeing dashboard which is shared?

Yes, the invited guest user can continue access the dashboard without the premium subscription as long as the main account (dashboard ‘owner’) has the premium subscription.

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Great, thanks! ! ! ! !