Custom Pushover sounds

A recent update has added the ability to upload custom sounds to Pushover and use them along with the built in. Would be awesome to have them show up in rules so i can upload sounds such as “front door opened” and have the rule play that sound when the door is opened.

@Jamie_Poindexter that’s a cool update and thanks for the request. Don’t forget to cast your vote at top. :grinning:

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I love to do that,…,… I just found it, I create my custom sounds (voice telling alarm status, contacts status, reminders…etc) after finish 20 verbalized sounds I found out Sharptools still cannot handle them !.. :laughing:
I hope this could be go in the top of the list soon !..

Bump. Pushover API allows scraping for custom sounds so SharpTools to enable this. Please!!!


Bump, just switched to pushover and need to use custom sounds. There’s an option in the rule maker for “none” sounds but I guess pushover doesn’t see that as no sound from app and it overwrites the default pushover sound.

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If you are trying to use the default sound in Pushover, you’ll want to make sure that nothing is selected under the ‘Sound’ setting:
If a sound is already selected (even ‘none’), you can tap the ... to bring up the list of sounds, then scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Reset to Default’ in the bottom-left corner to remove your selection.

That works. Thanks for the quick response.

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Hey people…Vote for THIS :point_up_2:
You can have customized MP3 sound in your mobile any time something is triggered (b.e. a beep and a voice “House Protection is Disarm” when someone disarm the STHM)


This is a great idea. I cast my vote!

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Agreed , Great feature… @josh and @James, please give this :point_up_2: priority

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You have my vote for this feature …

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Don’t forget to scroll to the top and cast a vote. Comments alone don’t count as a vote.

This might be useful for people wanting to play custom Pushover sounds.

I know this is an old thread but I wanted to share how I overcame this limitation. I use custom Pushover sounds (“gate open” “front door locked” etc) instead of the built-in Pushover beeps and blips.

I used to use Sonos speakers to play the sounds but using the tablets’ speakers is much better IMO for the purpose of playing notification sounds. Another option is to use Fully-Kiosk’s TTS.

This rule makes my tablets play “open” or “closed” notifications and sends a color-coded message to my Pushover app.

Here’s the POST unredacted:


And the Pushover notification on my Android:


Custom Pushover Sounds are now available in beta

A special happy birthday gift to @Shai_Dotan who leads the SmartThings Israel User Group. :wink:


That’s a wonderful birthday gift :gift: :grinning:… Thank you @josh. Just tested and this works great !!
I’m getting notification in Hebrew (Israel official language) in my mobile !!
This feature is super cool and will surely be useful for many users… I’m waiting that you move this feature from beta to your official version to let other users in my group to know about this…



Happy birthday, @Shai_Dotan !!! :partying_face:


Ok so this is REALLY going to simplify my work-around! @josh and team - thanks again for constantly adding new features based on the user community’s feedback and requests.

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The Pushover Custom Sounds feature has been released to production! :partying_face:

:link: Pushover Custom Sounds


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