Pushover Notification Sound Support

We are excited to announce the next SharpTools.io release!

Pushover Notification Sound Support

As requested by the community, this update enables you to select which sound is used in Pushover notifications. You can select different sounds for different notifications - such as using siren for security related notifications and echo when someone arrives home - making it easy to tell what type of notification you are receiving by the sound you hear.

The complete list of sound options supported in Pushover can be found below:

:bulb: Pushover has become a popular notification choice as it has a wide variety of notification options. For example, you can select different Priority options and Sound options for different types of notifications. For things like alarm and security related notifications, you can even select the Highest priority which repeats the notification until it is acknowledged.

Quick Action Menu

Also included in this release is a new Quick Action Menu in the dashboard and rule management pages. This enables you to create a new dashboard or rule without having to scroll down to the bottom of the list and is helpful when you have a large list of dashboards/rules. You can also access the Manage Invitations and Manage Variables features from the ... menu button in the dashboard and rule management pages now.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • [Fix] Cannot tap sunset/sunrise in IF_Condition on mobile devices
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Can anyone actually get pushover to pop up alerts on a kindle fire? I sideloaded and it won’t get push alerts, I always have to manually refresh in the app so it makes it pretty useless for sharptools. Guess I’ll have to get a kiosk plus subscription? Unfortunately I have like 20tablets

I have a similar issue on my galaxy S22. The message has an email and a pushover message. My girlfriend gets the pushover message instantly, I get an e-mail, but the oushover message can take upto 5 to 10 minutes. When I open the app it’s simply there.

Pushover allow to upload custom notification sounds,
How to select custom notification sound in notification ? I can only select the build in sounds

Our integration with Pushover includes support for the built-in sounds that come with Pushover. As for Custom Sounds, there’s a feature request for it which you can cast a vote on here:

Hi @Shai_Dotan, I just posted on another thread about this. May be helpful to you.

@Sgt.Flippy_PJ, I’ve had similar issues with delayed notifications. Usually is solved by turning off battery optimization for that app. I leave my Pushover app’s battery usage as “unrestricted” and haven’t had an issue since. If it’s still a problem after that, Pushover has a pay-to-use service that will prioritize your notifications.

Thanks, that was about a year ago. I don’t remember what I did but it’s working fine now. You could be correct in that I changed the battery mode.

Support for Custom Pushover Sounds is now available in beta. You can track the status in the related feature request thread. :slight_smile: