Custom Dashboards - Grouping and Sorting

#1 has been updated with support for custom dashboards! When you navigate to the Tiles interface, you’ll now be presented with the option to create a new dashboard where you can add tiles and rearrange them to your desired layout.

Please let me know how you like the new feature in the comments or via email!

By request, the dashboards support adding things from multiple locations making it easy to view the status of multiple locations in a single interface.


Pretty cool. I like that you can rearrange.


Hey @josh. Can you do blank tiles? when i place a few tiles in the middle of a line and then save it they move over to the far left. be nice if they could ‘stick’ where i place them or have some blank tiles. Thanks


Great idea. I can add blank tiles to allow the tiles to ‘stick’.

The grid design uses the ordering of the tile entities to dynamically layout the grid, so blank tiles would work well as spacers.


Sorry to be keeping you busy!!! lol…


It would be great if we could create rows and add label to them. See attached picture example: All my things in the movie room are under that heading and all my things in office are under that heading. Thanks.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ve been looking into implementing a row functionality - it’s a bit more complex than originally expected as there are certain features we need to consider (like moving tiles between rows with the drag and drop functionality), but it’s on the hit list!