Display data from WebCoRE or other non ST Device Type?

Is there any way to display data from WebCoRE or other means to a tile? I dug out my arduinos and have one sending data directly into WebCoRE. For some things it would just be easier to bypass ST and device handlers.

For example, planning to monitor sump pump with it but I don’t think there are official ST DH parameters for things like cycles per hour, duty cycle, last run time, water depth, pump on time etc. I don’t know which of those I will actually use, but you get the idea…

1-endpoint URL for Rules that would accept several strings, for tile title, data1, data2, data3 footer. URL would have a long key to protect the interface
2-Rule could http get JSON data and map it to Tile title , data, etc…
3-Rule Output Tile that would take the info from above and display it like other tiles

I vote for 1&3:slight_smile:

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At the moment, the best solution is to feed the data back into SmartThings (or Hubitat). :smiley:

Note that your DTH can define whatever attributes you desire and you can expose those custom attributes in Hero Attribute tiles. Alternatively, if you used something like ST_Anything you could map the data to official capabilities and then override the label and units in the tile as you see fit.

Back to your original brainstorm…I’ve played with the idea of a Tile that could get data from an external JSON source. We haven’t had any requests for it, so I haven’t prioritized looking into it. We ended up building the RSS Feeds capability as we found that it fit a broader audience.

Similarly, webhook triggers for rules is on our list. We’ve had lots of discussions internally about it, but it hadn’t been requested so we moved it down the priority list. :stuck_out_tongue:

For item 3 on your list, the idea we have in mind was that Rules would be able to write to variables and then you would be able to display variables in tiles. We prototyped a decent amount of code for this, but felt it was still a bit complex and wasn’t as polished as we wanted, so it got put on hold as other highly requested features came up. Personally, I still feel like this is a key piece of functionality we need that will enable other features, so I’ll lobby for it in our planning sessions.

As you can probably see, a big driver for what we work on is community demand for features. Certain requests have received more interest from the community, so we’ve shifted focus on those items.

I played around a bit and figured out a way to get WebCoRE data into a SharpTools tile - it’s a bit of a Rube Goldberg approach, but I figured I’d share it as it’s a neat integration!

:link: How To: View WebCoRE Variables in SharpTools Dashboards

Edit: The post linked immediately above has been updated to show how you can send data from WebCoRE over to SharpTools using HTTP Triggers.

SharpTools Variables

Also note that SharpTools has native support for variables in our Rule Engine now and we have native tiles that can display and adjust these variables making for some really neat integrations! :sunglasses:

:link: Variables for Rules and Dashboards!

SharpTools HTTP Triggers (for Rules)

SharpTools Rules now have native support for being triggered with a special URL. This allows you to post data over to a SharpTools Rule for consumption as you see fit (eg. copying into a SharpTools Variable)

:link: New Feature: Rule HTTP Trigger