Contol Harmony Hub in Hubitat via dashboard tile

Good day all,
I have searched but I am not having much success in locating info on controlling the volume on a home theatre amp.
I have a denon amp and it is in my Hubitat setup, I can control the volume via the devices in HE, I am trying to create a button(s) to control the volume in a dashboard for the particular function (eg radio).
Example - A dashboard with a tile to turn on the “listen to radio” and on the same dashboard a button to control volume up / down, channel up / down.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! Can you share some details on what capabilities / commands the device supports?

A screenshot of the device details showing the commands in your Hubitat admin UI might be a good start. Otherwise feel free to PM @support the Doc ID of the device in question.

Josh, thanks for the reply, I may of misstated my issue, I have a harmony hub and would like to be able to control that from a dashboard. If that will not be possible then perhaps the Denon receiver can be controlled with a tile eg vol up/down.
for the harmony hub - These are the controls the parent device has, and the child switches are the activities.

these are the control available on the Denon amp

I know I can create virtual buttons in HE and use them to control vol up/down and other functions but, was curious if there is an “EASY” button (pun intended).


There’s probably a few different options for you:

  • Create rules for each of your favorite commands and add those to your dashboard
    • You can create a SharpTools rule with just an action (no triggers) and then add that rule directly to your dashboard. When you tap the rule tile, it will run your desired command.
  • Create a rule and use parameters to choose which command to send
  • Link SharpTools Variables to a Rule
    • For something like volume, you could use a numeric variable tile and then create a rule that anytime the variable changed, send your desired command to the device (eg. setVolume)… or a boolean tile that toggles between the mute/unmute commands.
  • Use Virtual Buttons along with a rule
    • You mentioned this one in your post, but usually a similar concept with linking a virtual button to a rule
  • Create a Custom Tile (developer) with desired interface and actions
    • This is an advanced approach that’s really designed for developers, but I wanted to at least mention it for the record. You could use the Custom Tile functionality to build a custom interface with your desired commands and interface for your device (using the Hubitat Maker API).

Tagging @james for awareness too since he’s our resident rule expert.


Thank you for the guidance so far.
Will look closely at the options and see what works best.


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