Combining Super Tiles Help

Hi Sharptools Community …

I have created 2 individual Super Tiles that work fine on their own. I’m now trying to combine them into a single (Mega?) tile. When I do, they don’t both appear to be updating their variable vales (simple increment counter based upon variable value change via a Hubitat Rule Machine rule executing) under a new/combined Super Tile, eventhough they do still work as individual Super Tiles.

Any recommendations on how I can get multiple Super Tiles to work together as a single “new” Super Tile?

Can you share more details about your Super Tiles? You mentioned that it’s a variable value – do you mean an actual SharpTools variable or a Hubitat Variable that’s synced over to a Hubitat Device using a ‘connector’?

Can you share more details about how you combined the super tiles? Did you manually recreate each of the items in the new Super Tile or copy them from the old Super Tile (Ctrl+C) and paste them into the new one (Ctrl+V)?

If it’s the exact same item being referenced between both tiles and it’s already working on one, I can’t think of any reason it wouldn’t work in the other. I would triple check that the item references are exactly the same.

I think I figured it out. I was not adding the variable as a Hubitat connector ‘device’ for one of the elements of the Super Tile I was trying to create. Once I changed things - I test ran the rule created in Hubitat & watched the variable value update in my Super Tile combo. Good to go for now …

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