Change label width

Is it possible to increase label width using css? If so could someone provide an example or two. I am pretty weak when it comes to high level stuff like this. Thank you for your time and knowledge.

@Bill_White, can you please share a screenshot so we can better understand what you are trying to achieve? Does the title label not having enough space or there’s another reason to change the width?

In order to make tiles smaller, you have to make the dashboard resolution smaller. In mt case its 48. I use a label tile as a header banner to label my dashboard rooms. By going this s!mall, you cannot make a label tile go all the way across the screen because all they give you is 10 width.

I had to use 3 labels, one with width of 5 and the center one with a width of 10, Nd another one with a width of 5. However, this method leaves a gap between the labels just like the tiles below. It would be great to use only one label and be able to have its width wide enough to go across the screen without the gaps. See the screen shot. Thanks.

I haven’t heard back from any of you gurus yet so i guess i have to assume that it cant be done. If anyone figures out how to do this, or needs more clarification on what i want to do, please let me know. Thank you again for your time.

@Bill_White, sorry for the late response. I took a note to think about about the workarounds, but I just don’t have a clean workaround to suggest. I saw you casted your vote at the following feature request, so let’s see if we can gather more interests on this. Thanks.