Change Device Colur Based on Action

Good Day All,
I would like when my motion alert goes on, for the border of my camera to change colour in sharp tools. For the life of me I can’t figure this out, but assuming it is possible. Has anyone been able to do this? Change a visual aspect of a device based on the action of another device? Thanks.

Hi @Bryan_Dearlove, that would be a cool concept, and it is achievable to change the style for the motion sensor tiles based on their motion state, but since Media Tile is not a device tile, its style cannot be changed dynamically at this point.

What device(s) are you using for the dashboard? Many users in the community using Fully Kiosk browsers have configured their devices to show “security” dashboard with bigger camera views when motion is detected, and automatically change back to the “main” dashboard after a period of inactivity. Perhaps this would be an alternative for you.

See the posts below for the related discussion, and I’d be happy to help with more details if you are interested.

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