Change Color Picker Tile To Just On and Off

Hi. I have some plain white Hue Bulbs in Hubitat giving me the color picker pop up when I click the tile. How do I change it to just on and off? Thanks

Thanks for the mesage and sorry that things aren’t working as expected.

You can change to the Standard Thing layout by editing the tile’s layout.

  1. Open your desired dashboard in edit mode
  2. Tap the in the top right of your desired tile
  3. Tap Change Layout
  4. Select Standard Thing Tile

Is this using a built-in Hubitat driver or a community driver? If it’s showing the color control by default, that would indicate that the device is reporting that it supports the Color Control capability. I’m happy to report it to the Hubitat team or community developer so the device driver can be updated accordingly. :grinning:

Hi Josh. Thanks for the quick response. What you said to do worked. I think it was a problem on my end. The lights I wanted on/off were 2 regular white lights in a Hue Group. So I wanted to control both with one tile to turn on and off. It’s working now. Thanks again.

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