Change Color of Group of Lights

@josh I am able to change the color of lights individually but I have a ceiling fan for instance with 3 lights on it. I need to change the color once instead of trying to match it on 3 different lights. Is there another way to do this besides using the color selector wheel on each light individually???

What kind of light bulbs are they? If they have some sort of native group functionality, the preferred approach is to control the ‘group’. If not, you may have to use an automation/rule/SmartApp to sync the colors.

they are the new phillips wiz bulbs. They do have “rooms” which are basically groups or I can group them all together but only in their app I have not been able to do it in my dashboard on single devices come up. If not, do you know the steps to a rule like that using the sharptools rule function?

If I remember correctly, you’re using SmartThings, right? The features that are available depend on what was exposed in the integration between Philips Wiz and SmartThings. I’m not intimately familiar with the Wiz-SmartThings integration, but if it’s anything like the Philips Hue, the native grouping feature isn’t exposed via SmartThings. :confused:

In SmartThings, the most common solution for syncing groups of colored lights is probably the community developed Trend Setter:

The beauty of this is it exposes the group as a ‘device’ that you can then authorize to SharpTools and control like a normal color light.

Yes smartthings. Another issue I have with all my lights is that some will show the wrong color or brightness on my dashboard vs what the light really is in person. To fix this I have to turn the light off and back on again. For example I set my lights to white and they lights in person are white but on my dashboard one is white and other is a color and this is completely random at times.

Also I just want the “Colorful Light” device or do I need to download all the devices? I got it on my dashboard but can’t get it to work as a color selector for groups.

You can set a rule in order to change all the lights to a specific color when something is triggered, the issue here is you have to predefined the scenes…

I downloaded the “Trend Setter - Colorful Light Group Device” but can’t get it to work with the associated devices. I was able to get it on my dashboard but it doesn’t do anything?

Also, I am still having the issue of lights showing the wrong color and brightness. For example the night before they were blue and I changed them all to white this morning. But on the dashboard some (not all) show blue still but are white in person? Is there a page refresh button or another way to fix this?? the only solution I have so far is turn the switch off and back on again and it will correct it. Seems like there should be a way to have the devices or my dashboard refresh?

Have you tried posting in the original Trend Setter thread? That’s going to be the best place to get help with that SmartApp.

I don’t personally use that integration, but from what I understand, you have to install the Device Handler code, then install the Parent and Child SmartApp code, then configure the SmartApp which will have you choose which bulbs are in the group and then will automatically create the ‘leader’/‘group’/‘controller’ virtual device.

Sorry to hear that. What app was used for changing the lights from blue to white? If the Philips Wiz integration is anything like the SmartThings-Philips Hue integration, if the devices are controlled from outside of SmartThings – for example in Alexa or the Philips mobile app – then SmartThings won’t know about the state change until it runs it’s periodic refresh (sometimes a few hours later).

Next time it happens, can you check the SmartThings mobile app and Smarthings IDE to see what status it isreporting? The first step in troubleshooting is usually to make sure that SmartThings is reporting the right device state when the issue occurs. If SmartThings isn’t reporting the right state, then SharpTools won’t be able to either.

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That makes sense I’ll give it a go and let you know.

Can I shorten my periodic refresh rate? Or is it not a feature available for SharpTools? If not, will it ever be a feature down the road?

It is not between SmartThings and SharpTools, but Hue and SmartThings. When the device attribute state changes, it will be “pushed” to SharpTools real-time. But the SmartThings integration with Hue will “pull” the data periodically, so that’s why the state can be out of sync until next pull cycle if you change change state outside SmartThings.

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Trendsetter works with Wiz bulbs in my set up. The app is a bit confusing to use tho. The setup makes it seem like to set it with device master and device slave settings but that’s not the case.

You create a group name, choose your devices and then create a name for a virtual master. That virtual master gets added to ST and when you change the state of the virtual master the lights you selected all change.

It works very well. I was using it incorrectly at first and thought it was useless but once I figured it out it works well.