Can't view my cameras in Tinycam pro via my tablet

I’m so happy I got my 1st issue resolved with the help of you guys in this community. My 2nd issue is Tinycam pro and tablets vs desktops

I have my Tinycam pro running on my Nvidia shield and I can view the cameras via my TV from the Nvidia and I can view it in sharptools view my pc, but when I view it from my phone or tablet “it worked once on my tablet” and now all I see is the blank boxes. When I check sharptools media I can view it there so I know the setup is correct.

BTW I’m running Fully Kiosk. I thought maybe that was the issue so I bypassed it by just opening a web browser on my tablet. via my phone, I tried changing the chrome browser to desktop thinking that would make a difference, but it didn’t.

Thanks for posting - glad to hear the tips in the other thread helped! :smiley:

You can see the image when you check it in the Media Resources section from your tablet or from your desktop?

It looks like you’re using an https URL for your TinyCam streams.

Normally you would want to leave the ‘Use HTTPS’ option unchecked in TinyCam… otherwise TinyCam uses a self-generated SSL certificate which won’t be valid on other devices by default.

:link: TinyCam Troubleshooting Tips

Unfortunately, the flip side is that not using https for the image will cause a ‘Mixed Content’ error in Chrome Desktop (versions 85+), but you can work around that:

:link: Google Chrome - Mixed Content - Media Not Showing

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Aww man! I can’t believe it was that simple and all due to the google chrome, since I did the entire setup on my pc and I couldn’t get the cameras to work on the desktop, I just assumed it wasn’t going to work on the tablet either until I fixed the issue on the desktop. I removed the S in http and now it works. I can’t believe I wasted all that time smh.

I should have came on day 1, but I don’t like just asking questions until I exhaust all possibilities even reading through the threads here I figured out most of my issues, but I either didn’t search well enough of just overlooked a post that probably had the answer to this issue.

Thank you!


On the bright side, hopefully you’ve helped someone else who stumbles across this issue!

To be fair, the ‘Mixed Content’ thing on Chrome is relatively new… and sometimes the existing threads just don’t have quite the right keywords we’re searching for, but hopefully this thread has some keywords someone else might look for. :+1:

I’m probably going to need this when I find time to get into my cameras.

Thanks to both for the info.