Cannot create different hyperlinks depending on OS

The issue I am seeing is around media URL’s to access apps. Specifically, if I create a hyperlink based on an app for Android (Spotify), it works just fine when viewing on an android device like a FireHD 10. If I then try and view that dashboard on an IOS device browser, using that same dashboard and clicking on that hyperlink, it fails based on the hyperlink required for IOS

While we would think most people pick common domains (android or IOS), there are lots of applications where device mixed use is in play

Maybe I am missing something here, but I don’t see how I could create a “dashboard IOS” and a “dashboard android” that ai could reference depending on the browser I am leveraging.

Please let me know if there is a way or promote the value of this and plan a future enhancement.


Thanks for posting! Do you have examples of other apps you’d like to open on both platforms? Many apps have a common app URI that works across both platforms.

For example, the following should open Spotify on iOS or Android (Chrome, Safari, or Fully Kiosk Browser):

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Thanks for the update. As you did with Sonos, having Spotify imbedded as a native application that we could express on a dashboard would provide great value. The rational is that you can specify in Spotify the device in which music can be streamed on. In a connected home, there could be several devices to stream too. Additionally being able to show the artwork of active song as well as the common control functions would really enable increased value in your solution. Let me know if this can be a consideration

Thanks for the suggestion! We have a request for a direct Spotify integration in the following thread if you want to add your interest there. :smiley: