Can Variable Tiles icon glow?

Within my first dashboard I created several tiles for testing a variable and the the possibilty to go to a desired dashboard which then shows the devices in question.
What I would like to have is the possibilty to set an icon for the variable-tile like a light off or glowing depending on the value of the variable.
I can make use of two files with different icons for that.

But what I like to have is the standard bulb for light with off or glowing.
(in the light tile set by Display color as “Icon Glow”)

Is that possible and how?
Can’t find to do this.
If not possible can this become a feature for the future?

EDIT: I reread your message and see that you’re specifically asking if you can use the standard icons and make them glow or not depending on the variable value…I don’t think it’s possible. I tried to do the same awhile back and ended up switching to style states.

I think the best way to do it would be Icon States. Edit the tile and click the Icon checkbox, then click the Icon States button. From there you can set different icons depending on the variable value. As you said, you would then use your own icons (one glowing, one not) that you’d import under the Files button at the top.

You could also use Style States to change the style of the tile depending on the variable value, but that’s a bit different from a glowing icon.

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Some community members have used Custom CSS to accomplish the glow effect on tiles that don’t natively support it:

:link: Icon glow for motion? - #2 by Chris_C

Thanks for all your answers. Very helpfull in trying some stuff. For me (perhaps also others) was a combination of icon files and some CSS for the theme. After some trying (don’t know much about CSS) I added this CSS to my theme: { display: none } .icon {
-webkit-filter: drop-shadow(0 0 3px #ff0)drop-shadow(0 0 10px #ff0);
filter: drop-shadow(0 0 3px yellow)drop-shadow(0 0 10px yellow)

which removed the green command sent stuff and also added a nice glow when the variable (of the tile) comes true.

The standard icons available with Shaprtools are replaced with two icon files (one for false, one for true). I found those at (really worth looking at).

So now a step further in developing my first dashboard!

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