Can SharpTools be used to create a scheduled GET request?

I’d like to try and use SharpTools to send a GET request to a PC on my LAN every other week at a certain time. Is this possible? Here’s a sample of the GET request syntax that I need to use. Thanks!

There are HTTP devices for Hubitat and SmartThings you can use in sharptools rules.

Thanks @Chris_C. I appreciate the reply, but I’m not sure what this means. I was looking for a way to have SharpTools send the command via a rule.

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What type of hub do you have connected to SharpTools?

There is an HTTP Action in the SharpTools Rule Engine, but it’s designed for making HTTP calls to APIs and other resources that are exposed to the internet. It looks like the example URL you provided is for a device on your LAN.

I believe what Chris is alluding to is there are drivers for both Hubitat and SmartThings that create virtual devices that let you send HTTP commands to devices on your LAN. So you could set up one of these Virtual HTTP devices and then call that from a SharpTools rule. That would enable your SharpTools rule to hit your LAN endpoint by proxying through the Virtual HTTP device.

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Thanks Josh. I have a SmartThings hub. I’ll need to figure out how to setup a virtual HTTP device in SmartThings. I appreciate the reply!

The community developed Web Requestor Driver seems to be the new popular go-to for making HTTP requests on your LAN.


Thanks Josh, I’ll check it out!

Josh, I checked it out. I created several devices in SmartThings using Web Requestor Driver and when I went to SharpTools to “authorize” them, they were not listed. Any thoughts on what I may have done wrong? In SmartThings IDE, they are listed as Placeholders. Thanks!

I just took a closer look at the driver and it looks like it only uses custom capabilities, so it doesn’t fall into any of the standard capabilities or extended capabilities that we use for authorization.

That being said, we have a next generation SmartThings integration in beta and I was able to authorize the device using that. I’d be happy to get you added to the beta if you’re interested:

Thanks Josh, yes please. I’ll be happy to test the beta. I currently use SharpTools for mostly controlling lights and motion sensor Pushover alerts.

Just sent you a PM with details. :slight_smile:

This should be possible. What does the GET request actually do? Do you just want to trigger a ST device?