Can Alexa control which dasboard is displayed

On my dashboards, all dashboards fit on 1 screen. Each of my dashboards are named for rooms in my house. Ex. Kitchen, Living Room, Bed Room, etc. My main dashboard is named Home Screen. It usually stays on this screen and shows security status and a few other items like Garage Door and Front Door.

If i want to look at devices in another room, i have to get up out of my chair and go to the tablet on the wall and select the room i want to view. Now Ill admit im a lazy kind of guy and it would be great if i could ask Alexa to change to a different dashboard. Does anyone in the community know if this can be implimented now or would sharptools have to add this capability?

Thanks for your time and knowledge.

Not directly, but if you use Fully Kiosk Brower to host your dashboard you achieve something close. The idea is to create virtual switches, called Kitchen Dashboard, Living Room Dashboard and etc, and create rules to make the Fully Kiosk Browser to navigate to the specific dashboard URL when the mapping virtual switch is turned on. Then you just tell Alexa to turn the “Kitchen Dashboard” on, for example, and watch the Kitchen dashboard loaded while sitting on the chair. :joy:

See the post below for the community developed Fully Kiosk Browser device handler, and there are some examples in the linked thread for how to create rules to tell Fully Kiosk Browser device to navigate by using loadUrl command.

Don’t forget to turn the virtual switch off a few seconds later in the rules, so it can be turned on next time.