Calendar Event as a Trigger

As with many married couples, my wife and I argue about the thermostat. As I am retired, and she is not, I adjust my smart thermostat manually when she is working.

Since my calendar (with my wife’s work days) is shared with SharpTools, I thought “hey, maybe I can automate this.” So here’s the question:

Is it possible for someone without programming skills to use the calendar feed to trigger SharpTools events? The trigger would be something along the lines of:
If has event containing on then…

The “then” portion of the rules engine would then be triggered. For me, I’d use the thermostat device and adjust the temp.

Other use cases could be an all day event called Vacation that would set off my vacation automations.

Outside of SharpTools, maybe. Within SharpTools, the calendar is only exposed for display on dashboards. There’s a feature request for being able to use calendar events directly within rules if you want to cast a vote and perhaps reply with your use-case to bump the thread:

:white_check_mark: Reference calendar events in rules

As noted in the linked feature request, some people were using IFTTT to do this. As far as I’m aware, you can still use IFTTT to do it, but you’re limited on the total number of free ‘applets’

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Hi my friend, As Josh said, if you take IFTTT you can link sharp your Google Calendar b.e. with Smartthings/Sharptools, I trigger an event from my Google Calendar to my Amazon Echo via Sharptools (Voice Monkey), and also it sends a Push Over voice reminder to my mobile via Sharptools, also set a warning tile in my Mac Sharptools dashboard… I hope this help.

I thought it was a separate smartapp not webcore itself integrating the calendar. The approach I remember was to install a smartapp like GCal Search which would trigger a virtual device when a matching entry was found. Then you could use that virtual device in your pistons or sharptools or wherever.

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Ah yes this is correct

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I am using Smartthings, so webcore is not an option anymore. That is why I am trying to do it with SharpTools