Reference calendar events in rules


I use a few IFTTT applets to trigger notifications, tiles, or other events. However, it is limited to only “4 hours” before an event starts or less. Ideally, I would like to reference an event by a search that appears on the next day.

I already have these calendars loaded in Sharptools with ICS URLs, so a way to reference these events within Sharptools would be super, and have options like “within the next X hours, days, weeks” etc.

Thanks (I’m out of votes, otherwise I would vote for this myself!)

@Travis_Mielonen - I voted this up since you’re talking about using Sharptools with an ICS URL (aka iCal).

We want to use this with our rental home’s iCal so it will change SmartThings mode to AWAY when they’ve fully checked out. This will set off our routine of turning HVAC down and lights off etc.

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It would be great if you could use calendar events to trigger rules.

It could be used to control things like Easter and Thanksgiving lighting which happen on different dates every year.

I voted for this feature above.

I’m also voting for this one.
I want to trigger an automation when a specific word exist in a calendar event. In my case “candles”.
I used to do it with IFTTT but now it limiting to 2 automations only. I prefer to do the same with Sharptools.