Browser blocking media image requests

I just picked up a Fire. Up until now, my dashboard has been rendering the camera streams with no issue on Safari (iPad). Silk and Fully Kiosk Browser both seem to block the content. Any suggestions?

@sharptools501 what are the URLs you used to access the camera streams? Can you test the URL directly in Silk or Fully Kiosk Browser?

On Fully Kiosk Browser, you may need to adjust the Mixed Content settings.

Fully Kiosk Settings → Advanced Web Settings → Mixed Content Mode

You may need to change the setting to ‘Always Allow Mixed Content’ so it will display images that start with http:// instead of https://

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URL is http://username:password@LOCAL_IP/cgi-bin/mjpg/video.cgi?channel=1&subtype=1

And it comes up fine in Silk as well as FKB when navigated directly.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work :cry:

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Many modern browsers will allow you to access resources with the username:password@LOCAL_IP when you access it directly, but will block it when it’s embedded in another page.

You can find more details here:

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I ended up setting up containers for each of my cameras using the jantman’s python-amcrest-noauth-proxy.

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