Blue Iris Stream Freezes or Unavailable

I’m having similar issues for about a week now and nothing has changed in my setup. I have my Hikvision NVR’s cameras RTSP streams added into Blue Iris and I use the BI web server so that I can view the streams on my Fire HD 10s using Fully and SharpTools media tiles. It was working flawlessly but now they keep freezing to still images. Sometimes if I “go to start url” in Fully my Home Screen refreshes and the image is there. On other occasions I get the “Failed to Connect. Learn more” error. When that happens if I just leave it and then reload the start url some time later, it’s working again. Not a clue why it’s suddenly not working reliably. It was happening several times a day, but it’s just random now.

I’ve gone ahead and moved this to it’s own thread as it seems like a different issue compared to the “Browser blocking media image requests” thread where the clues pointed to a fundamental browser compatibility issue that needed to be worked around. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to tell based on the information provided so far, but since it’s an intermittent issue it could be something with Blue Iris itself and that’s probably the first place I would recommend troubleshooting.

A common approach to workaround issues with Blue Iris streams hanging is to use a refresh interval on the Media. You’ll have to play with it to get a feel for what works best for you - could start at 30 minutes and then go up or down from there. The other approach I’ve seen taken with Blue Iris is to use the image snapshot URL and have it refresh every few seconds – for example, refresh every 5 seconds, then have the Hyperlink action on the media tile open the live stream.

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I would suggest to run dashboard with a different pc just to test if it really freezes there too.
At the moment it freezes does the URL for the camera stream still work?
What does BI log say about these cameras. Any watchdog restarts there?