BroadLink RM Pro - Is it possible?

Hi guys,

I would like some help here… I have Hubitat and also a Broaklink RM hubs. Unfortunately, there is no driver between them, so I am not able to control anything of my Broadlink from my Hubitat.

A solution for me should be Sharptools, i guess. I am considering to use tasker to control Broaklink commands from sharptools dashboard. Am I going in the right direction or maybe you guys have another suggestion?


There’s a community developer Broadlink integration in the Hubitat community. I haven’t personally tried it, but it looks pretty cool.

It looks like the driver has a switch on/off feature that can be used… not sure what all that exposes though. If the on/off function doesn’t meet your needs, you can always use a SharpTools Rule in a tile to call any custom commands that the driver exposes.


Nice Chris… you gave the way. On/Off is a good start point. I will try it this weekend. thank you man.

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Have you tried that Broadlink RM custom app with hubitat yet? Curious of how it works so I can decide if I want to spend the time loading it.


Hi Shaun, sorry for this delay but i did try just this weekend and yes, it works perfectly.
Those guys are genius… I have tried just my TV and TVBox commands and it was perfect.

I have not tried in Sharptools (just in Hubitat dashboard) and it is ok if you use button tile. I dont see reason to have problems in Sharptools…

Hi all,

I have in my home, Smartthings and Broadlink RM4 PRO.

For what I read these two will only work with a bridge (android device).

But RM4 PRO is not supported in this work.

Anyone knows other way to get Smartthings working with Broadlink, so I can have all of them on Sharptools?