Blue iris in a media tile

Hi, I have both blue iris and tiny cam. IP and RTSP feeds. I have tried all the tricks to have the feed on a media tile and nothing worked so far on Apple…

Is there a way or I have to give up trying :grin:

Can you share more details about what you’ve tried and on which device+browser?

Browsers can’t display RTSP streams directly, but since you have a Blue Iris installation, you can grab the MJPEG streams and display those.

This post shows the concepts using an RTSP stream from a Wyze cam, but the concept applies to other RTSP streams + Blue Iris:

:link: Get MJPEG stream from RTSP using Blue Iris

If you’re on a laptop that’s using a modern browser (like Google Chrome), you might also run into Mixed Content issues which you can workaround as noted here:

:link: Google Chrome - Mixed Content - Media Not Showing

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Looks like the problem with is from the Stunnel certificate which Mac doesn’t like. And the http chrome doesn’t like :grin:. The trick with chrome also didn’t work with me. The only solution is Tinycam which works ok after accepting its certificate first.

What BlueIris url are you using then?
I’m using
After that just allow insecure content in Chrome and you are good to go.

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Worked but chrome and safari decides when to accept and when not :joy: