Batterycheck device exclusion


Using the batterycheck endpoint to receive an alert when my battery devices are low
Unfortunately, my edge driver for my aeotec door sensor version 6 doesn’t seem to handle correctly the battery, I’m receiving %null for a couple of days. Is there a way to exclude some device from the call to the endpoint ?


You can find a brief overview of an approach that would work here:

There’s a deeper back and forth on that same topic which starts here. It’s in the context of healthchecks, but the same concept applies for batteries.

Would like to check device every XX minutes for offline status - #39 by Laurie_Dale1

A key takeaway is to pay close attention to the syntax and make sure that you are exactly matching the device names… and since you will be filtering the list of device names and storing that result in a variable, make sure to use that variable in your notification.

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Ok nice it’s working, thanks a lot!

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