Would like to check device every XX minutes for offline status

I would easily pay DOUBLE the premium subscription for ability to execute every X minutes.

I tried putting WGET into CRON jobs on our linux server with HTTP triggers and it resulted in more failures.

Use case:

Every 30 minutes turn on hot water re-circulation pump for 5 minutes.
Every 2 hours, reset the garage temp back to 50 degrees, regardless of what it was set at.
Every 4 hours, turn off the fireplace for 10 minutes (resets it).

This could easily be a revenue driver this platform.

Yeah, I don’t really want a bunch of triggers to monitor if something does or not happen. Just turn on the pump every 30 minutes for 5 minutes.

Technology based solutions are much more fun. But maybe an old fashioned wall timer with those little plastic tabs for on/off might be simpler? :wink:


Anyone interested in testing a Labs feature that lets you make a single HTTP request and returns the offline status of all your devices in a single request? Send me a PM. :smiley:

Human Readable Format:

Motion Elliot, Corner Outlet, Aeon Multisensor

JSON Format:

  "items": [
      "name": "Motion Elliot"
      "name": "Corner Outlet"
      "name": "Aeon Multisensor"

Edit: Just wanted to clarify that this is something of an ‘extra’ for SharpTools premium members as it requires the HTTP Action within the Rule Engine.

The labs feature mentioned in my post immediately above is now available for everyone:

:link: SmartThings Health and Battery Reports - Labs🧪

If your needs more closely align with the original request at the top of this thread to monitor an individual device’s health status, then the examples already provided further up in the thread are best suited for you.

But if you are looking for a daily report of the health and/or battery status of all the devices connected to SmartThings, as a few people mentioned later in the thread, then the new Health and Battery Reports linked above would be a good fit for you. :smiley:

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Hey there @josh, is there an example of the health report with a filter added? I have it running, but I would like to limit it to a few devices. Thanks!!

Thanks, I know I am missing a link between a variable and my filtering. It works great, but it shows me all the devices, regardless of the filter.

Check device spelling is correct, also remove the space, so “device”,“device”

Edit: my mistake the space makes no difference

yes, the device spelling is accurate.

I literally cannot see any difference between your screenshot and what I’m using for both battery and offline, I remember having a problem at first (Thought it was leaving a space between device) it wasn’t, I just forgot to include Uppercase letters where needed

And you are able to filter?

Yes, Once I corrected the Uppercase in my device names

could you show me a screenshot of yours? Thanks!

Can you post the entire rule. And use the Take Screenshot option off the three dot menu button when editing.

Make sure to redact the token in the URL of the HTTP Action to. I edited your previous post to redact it from that screenshot. :slight_smile:

:point_up: Keep in mind that the expression that is being used expects an exact match of the name in the exclusions to a name that is in the HTTP response.

So bedroom light in the exclusions will only exactly match a device with the name bedroom light. It will not match variations like Bedroom Light, bedroom light left, left bedroom light, etc.

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Here is an updated screen shot, thanks!

In this Rule you are doing the filtering but then just send the unfiltered value (textSummary) to your notification. Is that intended? If you want the notification to show the filtered device list then it should be using $HealthDevicesOffline.

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@Laurie_Dale1 did you resolve your issue?

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