Battery Status Icon

Is there any way to use 2 states of device to determine the icon on the dashboard?

For example, in the following screenshot from my custom supertile, you can see my icon for the states of OPEN/CLOSED doors and LOCKED/UNLOCKED doors:

These are devices that are powered by batteries. I’d like to be able to tell if the battery in those devices is below a given percentage. Say, if the battery in the door lock is below 25%, the icon is the same as the LOCK or UNLOCK icon, but idk, with a line through it or something. Or maybe just show the battery percentage number in (on top of?) the LOCK/UNLOCK icon…

Thanks for your thoughts & help!

You could make a custom icon of a diagonal line and add it to your supertile over the top of the lock icon and then show it based on the battery property value.

Yeah, thanks! I have that working.

But as I’m thinking, is there a way to simply change the color of the icon based on that second attribute?

Something like:
If battery% > 50, door icon = white
If battery% <= 25, door icon = red
If battery% <= 50, door icon = yellow

You can have the dashboard use different styles for the whole supertile based on multiple thing properties within that supertile. But currently the only way to get multiple icons within a supertile to have different colours would be to make different coloured custom icons and then either show or hide them in the supertile.

Yeah, I’m already doing the supertile outline color thing. Thanks. I was hoping for some more functionality…

Separate icons- each with a different color… I’d have a lot of icons if i went that route. Wanted something simpler.


There’s a feature request for it here if you want to cast a vote and perhaps reply with your use-case to bump the thread:

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