Authorizing Devices and Camera Suggestions

I get to the page that all the troubleshooting guides that say to click manage connections > Samsung smart things > select my location (Dream home) > then it lists devices, there’s no drop down menu as the older troubleshooting guides refer to, there’s just a checkbox that says “Device(s)
Allow (execute, read) on all device” I check the box and click authorize. then " Congrats! You have successfully paired your account!" I go to add a tile and click things, and none of my thermostats or virtual switches show.

help plz

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I replied to your ticket too, but the same information applies here as well. :slight_smile:

That’s the right approach to proceed through the authorization screen as it will force a device sync.

Are the thermostats that are missing Nest Thermostats? If so, Google prevents SmartThings from exposing the Nest thermostats anywhere except for the first-party SmartThings mobile app.

Can you share more details about the Virtual Switches? Unless you were trying to sync more than 600 ‘things’, there shouldn’t be any issue syncing virtual switches over.

Is there no workaround for the nest thermostats? And my google cameras dont show either, i was hoping to get a feed of the 3 cameras

Not officially with SmartThings, though the community is pretty creative, so I’ll leave the thread open for their feedback.

There are some community developed Groovy device handlers, but with Groovy being sunset, that won’t be a long-term solution. I believe I’ve seen people create Virtual Thermostats and use those as something of a proxy for their real thermostats, but I suspect you would need to setup quite a few rules to keep things in sync with an approach like that.

On that note, other hubs we have connections for like Hubitat and Home Assistant have Nest Thermostat integrations and those work with SharpTools. I believe that both of those are technically ‘unofficial’ integrations for each platform, but the community seems to enjoy them.

For the cameras, there’s experimental support for Nest Cameras and their public feed:

I could sell my learning thermostats on ebay for the #1 thermostats for smart things that will let me create a kick ass control board. I have google cameras, also willing to sell them all to get cameras that would be able to show me live feed on my control board.

Is there a better step by step guide on the public feed for the cameras? I have my wifes email invited but I dont know how that generates an email I can plug into the website

It has to be shared with a Public link per this support article:

I am wholly commited to using smartthings, i just dropped an unholy amount of money to replace all of my TVs with samsungs, so if theres a way better thermostat oit there that still has the sensor feature, I am down to get it. Especially aince smartthings and even google home show none of the features of the thermostat. I have to program everything in nest. Something that had great user control in smartthings would be ideal. That way I can set automations that change what sensor the thermostat uses at different times of day, switch into eco mode, ect all from smart things and its inherient user controls of that thermostat

I dont know if my cameras are nest or not. When I open the nest app they dont ahow up, in google home they do. But on the other hand, when adding them to smart things, it connected them theough nest. So im a bit confused

google nest doesn’t show the cameras. Google home doe though. How does inviting my wife to view the cameras give me a link I an use to plug in and get live feed on my control pad I’m making?

Ecobee thermostats are pretty popular. Not sure on the camera but it sounds like you have to create a public link, not invite your wife.

I still haven’t found a perfect camera setup. Any IP camera with RTSP through Blue Iris is decent, but the steams are still a few seconds behind.

When using a stream or any IP camera, there’s always a little delay in the images.
I’m using Blue Iris on a dedicated PC and the stream I have on the tablet in my Sharptools dashboard is definitely useable. It’s not a huge delay. When viewing from outside the own network, the delay increases, but still comes in handy. I even made it into a bit of a doorbell for when I’m not in the house.

The thermostat I’m using is a Honeywell, the only issue that seems to have is, it doesn’t like to report its temperature by itself, but that’s easily fixed with a refresh rule.

I don’t know if it will work for you, but over on the Smartthings message board, Taustin has a ONVIF camera driver, which did work for me for my old Hikvision camera. Dahua camera’s aren’t so willing and we haven’t gotten them to work yet.

The steps for creating a public link are all for if the cameras are nest. Mine are google home

Can you link where there are edge smartthings drivers?

Can you share a link to the cameras you purchased? Or a picture of the actual camera? I thought all of Google’s cameras were branded Nest now.

Instead of having to use its own app to get full functionality like telling it to use certain sensors during certain times, can I get the same layout in smartthings or is it very basic visuals and lots of adding virtual switches to get it to change sensors ect.

For instance my google thermostats, in google nest the layout is super nice, i can easily click what sensors I want it to use and when, switch between heat, cool, and auto.

You can see how amazing it looks in nest, but if I wanna adjust it in google home or smartthings it looks like crap and has 1/4 of the features. Is it the same with ecobee?

It says nest but if you scan the QR code to add it to nest it automatically pulls up google home and adds it there

What is blue iris? What camera are you using with it?

So your saying you have your camera hooked up using the blue iris software and sharptools can play it from there?

Any chance it would follow my kid around from camera to camera?

Do you have to use the ONVIF driver to get blue iris to work with sharptools? Can you link the driver please and explain more of what it does?

Blue Iris is a recording software and manager for security camerars. I’m using Dahua IP camera’s.
But from a quick search, I see Nest camera’s are fully cloud based. So they send out their feed to Google, you should be able to generate a share link and input that into Blue Iris for possibly recording and direct stream viewing from other sources.

From a pure security point of view, the Google camera’s are kind of the worst you can get, right behind Chinese off-brand camera’s.

Once you have a live stream going, you can add it to a media tile. But it’s a pretty long workaround for the Google camera’s.
I have 3 camera’s showing on the dashboard, since I’m at work and company policy blocks all kinds of things, I can’t see them now, but on my phone or at home they are visible.

I think it would be possible to make it follow around, but that’s some complicated stuff I haven’t dug into. Theoretically you can setup a camera that shows the feed from any camera that detects movement. You could then stream that camera to a tile. But I’d start with figuring out a way to simply display a camera first. But from the brief reading I just did on Nest camera’s, it doesn’t look like there’s an easy way to do it.


The nest cameras I bought while called “nest camera” is only able to be installed on google home, which does not offer a public link. So I am going to have to replace my xamwras for something that xan stream to blue iris. I wanna get one that can show sensed movement and change in blue iris to that cameea and the sharptools automatically displays that camera