Any Plans On Expanding Functionality?


I am really happy I found this. I literally almost bought ActionTiles. Needless to say, I chose SharpTools instead.

I did notice that ST doesnt have as many features as AT. That is okay but I was wondering if there was any plans on adding additional functionality. Like weather tiles or camera feeds.


Yes, I have plans for adding several additional tile types and some new features!

What do you see as the most important feature additions? I’m actively working on features now, so it’s helpful to know what the community finds most important.


I think first off the usual like a Nest integration (amazed SmartThings still doesnt have an official one) weather, and camera feeds. AT is limited on what cameras can be displayed on them. Even if SmartThings allows it. A prime example would be the Samsung SmartCam.

Also, perhaps making it where dashboards can be exported and shared with other users would be awesome.


Thanks for the detailed feedback!

For the Nest Integration, is there something specific you would want? Were you thinking that you would be able choose something like “Authorize Things” and then choose from a list of supported platforms where SmartThings might be one of the platforms and Nest is another?

For the weather feeds, I was originally thinking you could just piggy back off the existing smart home platform’s weather integration, but are you looking for a specific type of weather integration? Like rather than showing a nice visual tile with the current weather, you wanted to be able to show an X-day forecast?

Camera feeds are definitely on the list and I’ll need to put some more thought into how to best support them. I think a quick win would be to add image tile support which would add in support for many IP cameras (as many have a snapshot / JPEG interface). Do you have specific cameras that you want to integrate? Do you use Blue Iris or a similar NVR?

Sharing dashboards is on the list. If you have specific use cases in mind, I’d love to hear them.


@josh … love this! I had actually started building my own ST dash when I came across SharpTools web dash.

Any plans to put the code on Github so we can contribute PRs?


I’m glad you like it!

My goal is to make the platform extensible with community contributed code - eg. custom tiles/cards and custom platform integrations. I have a number of core features prioritized before focusing on extensibility, but it’s on the list!


Good deal. Hmu if you need any help :slight_smile: