Animations for Hero Attribute text?

Theme / Tile animations doesn’t apply to Hero Attributes? I have all my door sensors set to hero attribute and say “Open” or Closed" But animation not working. Kinda same deal with color states not on Hero Attributes.

Can you share a screenshot of your Hero Attribute Tile’s configuration?

The animation effects should apply to the Hero Attribute Tile. The active status is based on the Active Color attribute setting in the Hero Attribute Tile.


There’s a feature request for applying custom state mappings to Hero Attribute Tiles. It looks like you’ve already cast a vote for it, but I’m linking it here anyway in case other people come across this thread and want to vote on it: :slight_smile:

I changed to an Icon and yes the hero attribute is now animated.
However the animation is not working for text. Like in my case I use Hero Attribute for contact sensors for my doors because I like the “Open” or Closed" text better than the icon.


Thanks for the clarification. The ‘Icon Animation’ setting only applies to icons.

In theory, you could manually apply an animation to the text using custom CSS. Something like the following would work to apply the ‘Buzz’ animation to all Hero Attribute Tiles that are ‘active’:[layout=hero-attribute] .main-content .data { animation: buzz 0.15s linear infinite; }

The usual disclaimers with Custom CSS apply that examples provided are not ‘officially’ supported and that the DOM structure might change in the future requiring a tweak to your syntax. :slight_smile:

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