And/Or functionality for setting icons/styles

I know we can do it with rules.
But it might be nice to be able to have AND as well as OR functionality on icon style settings.
I “think” I would end up with less rules that way.
The “isMuted” example …, for example .
I’ve got a few tiles that I “grey down” when I mute the home theater .
On those tiles it would be nice to have style and icon something like

IsMuted == true & switch == on …
IsMuted == true …
IsMuted != true & level <= 25. …
IsMuted != true & level <= 50. …

I’m not 100% sure on this , seems like it would nake it easier overall to accomplish.

Thanks for posting the request and the use case. In these cases, it sounds like you’re looking to mix a Variable with a device attribute, is that right?

My gut is that this would likely complicate the UX for ‘normal’ use cases to serve a more esoteric case that’s already achievable with rules. But I’m interested in hearing more about the use cases (and from other community members) as perhaps there’s another need in here.

For example, one approach would be to use a Text or Numeric variable instead of a boolean. Then you could have multiple different conditions that could be aggregated in a rule and then use those in various tiles.

If I remember correctly, the overarching use case was around media and having custom controls that get grayed out. I’ve wondered if there’s a need for more media playback tile variations, but I haven’t seen a lot of requests/feedback in this area (other than volume control). As you alluded to in your other post, Custom Tiles could also be used for this – it could be a great starting point for mocking up a desired tile layout (for someone with the requisite developer skills) and could even be shared with other users.

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Sorry - I’ve been off doing other things for a while.
Yeah, I just found myself wanting to have different icons and style based more than just a single variable or state.
For example when if the Home Theater is muted then grey out the volume tiles I have and change their icons,.
And then when the volume is not muted, change the icon base upon the volume level.

I can make up other ideas similar of course, depending on temperature and time of day perhaps.
But like you said - not sure how much need there is for it.

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Hi my friend, you can make a rule or group of rules that set different values in a Sharptools variable, then pickup a specific style depending of the variable value. I hope this help.

Oh Yeah. I know. This was just something I’d mentioned in regards to avoiding doing that. If we could check multiple states or vars on the tile , be less rules that need to make. Not a big deal at all. Priority = never. :slight_smile:

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