Am I missing something-Virtual Switches

I’ve become painfully aware of the new difficulty creating Virtual Switches with the changes to SmartThings. I’ve used a half dozen or so Virtual Switches to control lighting in Sharptools. Today I couldn’t get two new Wiz light bulbs to appear in SmartThings after pairing them in the Wiz app. I have 30+ Wiz bulbs that work flawlessly with Virtual Switches in SmartThings and Sharptools. After trying a few recommendations from Wiz Support, they recommended that I unlink Wiz and SmartThings and then re-link them. I asked if this would have any affect on Sharptools integration. They said it would only refresh the Wiz/SmartThings cloud. Yes, the integration of Wiz devices refreshed in SmartThings and the new lights appeared, but all Sharptools integration including Virtual Switches is gone. I use iOS and it appears that Virtual Switch creation is only available in the android app. Any suggestions? Thanks!

If you have a ST hub there at least 4 edge drives that can be easily used to create Virtual Switches and other devices.

If you don’t have a hub you can use Virtual Device Viewer to create Virtual Switches and other devices.

This works with iOS and Android

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Thank you Paul. This is A LOT easier than the older way I was doing it. Glad that method is gone. Once again, I appreciate it!