Add "last updated" as an attribute

I have some dashboards I use for monitoring various things, mostly temperatures in various places (refrigerators, freezers). It would be nice to have an option for the secondary attribute to display the timestamp for when the primary attribute was last updated. Since zigbee and z-wave devices are notoriously bad at communicating the proper battery levels, this will help identify any devices that may need a new battery or have fallen off your network.

@josh I noticed this is an option for one of my devices tonight but not others. Is it something that can be turned on for all devices?

It might be an attribute on the particular device that has it.

Sorry I am not following - am I looking in the wrong place? Is that what you are suggesting or am I misunderstanding?

Can you share more details about where you saw it as an option for one of your devices?

My suspicion is that particular device driver has a ‘last updated’ attribute. Whereas your other devices don’t have that particular attribute.

It doesn’t necessarily change the original request, as in theory it could probably be inferred from the state/event timestamps. But I was addressing your specific recent comment about it being available on one of your devices and I suspect that’s because the device implements a special attribute.

Sure, I have it working on a Inovelli 4 in 1 z-wave sensor through SmartThings:

trying to also get it working with an Ecolink door sensor via Hubitat but no option there:

The lastUpdate comes from the device handler as an attribute. Some have it and some don’t. Seems the hubitat built in drivers don’t always have it.