Add 'Icon' to Hero Attribute Tile Theme / Style Customizations

Add Icon to the theme/style customizations so you can choose icon per style which would show up based on the primary state Default/Active attribute regardless if “none” was selected in the tile for primary.

Split out from: Hero Attribute Tile: Icon Only Display (None for Primary Attribute)

:tada: Update: Icons are now available as part of the Style/Icon State Mapping for Custom Attributes request which is released.

Hi @kampto
Per the guidelines for posting a feature request, I’ve split your original post out to two individual topics…

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Can you help me better understand what problem or use case this feature request is solving? Based on the description, it sounds like your other feature request is to be able to select ‘None’ for the Primary Attribute on the Hero Attribute Tile so you could display just an icon without and text… and it sounds like your concern is you want to still be able to set the icon based on some other value.

The thing is that the style is not set based on the Primary Attribute.

As discussed in the original thread, there are several settings in the Hero Attribute tile that affect how the tile is displayed.

As of today, these settings are:

  • Icon - determines which icon is displayed (static)
  • Style (Default / Active) - determines which style is displayed based on the selected Active Color Attribute
  • Primary Attribute - determines which attribute is displayed in the center of the tile
  • Secondary Attribute (optional) - determines which attribute is displayed in the bottom-right corner of the tile
  • Active Color Attribute - determines if the tile is in an active or default state for use in determining which style to apply

So if we allow a ‘None’ option for the Primary Attribute, you would still be able to explicitly set the Active Color Attribute for determining what style to display.

Better yet, there’s a feature request open which has a decent number of votes and is moving toward the top of the feature request list for to allow State Mappings (Icon/Style Mappings) for Hero Attribute Tiles. This request would enable you to customize which icon and which style is displayed for each state that an attribute is in.

The beauty of this is it aligns well with our current design in which the icon is set at Thing/Tile level along side the Style (rather than within the style which isn’t currently supported). [See screenshots in the linked thread as a reference]

Closed as icons are available as part of the Style/Icon State Mapping for Custom Attributes request which is released.