Acer Aspire 10" Tablet

Would this make a good tablet for running SharpTools in kiosk mode?

It looks like a several year old tablet (refurbished). I bet it would probably run SharpTools fine, but why not just go with a new 10" Fire Tablet? They’re frequently on sale and you can run Fully Kiosk Browser on them.

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I have a Windows ecosystem and use Kodi on HTPC. so I was thinking I could access media easier this way. I am new to SmartThings and Sharptools, though.

I personally like running Fully Kiosk Browser for my dashboards as well. So I can dim the screen most of the time, but “wake up” the screen when the camera detects a motion, and use the FKB device handler along with Rule Engine to automatically load different dashboards when certain events occurs. Ex: show the dashboard with all sensors if a leak detected, or show the security dashboard when a motion triggered during the specific time.

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