Ability to configure all or any within multi-device trigger

for a multi-device trigger, I’d like to be able to select whether all devices meet the state, or any of them - similar to the IF condition ability to use any or all

Hi Michael - thanks for the feedback. Triggers are always OR / ANY.

If you want to condition a rule so it only runs when all devices are in a specific state, you can use an IF Condition within the rule. For example, I might setup a rule like:

“When any of my switches change to ‘on’, if all of the switches are ‘on’ then perform some action”

you’re right, I meant multi-device condition; but even your example looks like it is any of Vswitch ST1 or VSwitch ST2 based on the ‘one of’
Is this really all? this is what I’d like to see configurable, to any or all

a quick test does prove it is ‘all’

As you might have seen in the other thread, an update was pushed to make it more clear that the Multi Device Conditions follow the setting of the IF Condition they are in. Do you want me to go ahead and close this request?

So as it seems, we cannot create a single if condition as such:

all of ‘device set a’ is somestate
(AND or OR)
any of ‘device set b’ is somestate
do something


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