Ability to Choose Text/Icon Color for Tiles

Since tiles text are default white, color tiles cannot be set in light color, so user could pickup text color besides tile colors for each state, that could be great combinations TEXT/TILE colors for different states!

Thanks for the suggestion, @Carlos_Juarez! I’ve reworded the topic title a bit, but please let me know if I didn’t capture the essence of what you were saying.

I believe you’re saying you would like the ability to change the color of the ‘content’ of the tile in addition to being able to change the background color of the tile. That way if you choose a light background color, you could choose a darker content color:



Right !..Yes, for example a beautiful dash borad could be inactive tile=background=dark gray, content light gray, when tile switches to active state tile still in dark gray but content in light yellow, or use as your example light color for tiles with dark colors in content…very cool.


We’ve released a new Themes and Styles feature to beta. If you’re interested in this feature and not already part of the beta program, please send a PM to @support requesting access. :slight_smile:

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This request is now closed as part of the Themes and Styles feature release!

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