Ability to Authorize more than 1 Hubitat location

Currently its not possible to Authorize 2 Hubitat locations in SharpTools. You can only have one hub at a time. Note that these locations are on different LAN’s so Hub Mesh will not work. Hubitat returns a token which is valid for a single hub at a time.

Solution - Workaround:
Add capability in SharpTools to store a token per hub allowing for multiple Authorized Hubitat locations in a SharpTools account.

Original Post:

Hey guys, I know this is only a couple votes (1 is mine), hard to believe theres not many with 2 Hubitat hubs on different LAN’s using Sharptools. But is this an easy change or a big deal that will fall way down the list and many months out. Its kind of a deal breaker for me and wanting to know if I should make other HW/SW choices to get my 2nd location reliably back on a dashboard sooner than later.


It’s not an ‘easy’ change necessarily as there’s a few core parts of the system that would be touched by the change.

I think most people end up going with one of the workarounds noted in the thread linked in your original post - like using HubConnect to connect multiple hubs which may be why this request is not getting as much traction in terms of votes.

Bubbling this back up. This would be a huge win. I can’t believe this only has 11 votes. I’m in basically the same situation With over 300 miles between 2 homes. HubConnect has been painful to try to set up and I’m still not successful. Josh has been super helpful with potential solutions, but all seem like a lot of work when I should just be able to have two hubs on SharpTools with tiles for Dashboards to switch between the two.

Thanks for bubbling this back up! Doesn’t hurt to get the feature request a bit more visibility!

And it only had 6 the day before I linked to this request from your Hubitat Community post!

Looks like some of the Hubitat community came over and voted! :smiley:

Now I’m in the same boat. Split my network onto 2 HE hubs without realizing this was a limitation of Sharptools. I assumed because Sharptools asks which hub you want that it would build a unified list when you had more than one. I realize Hub mesh is an option but to be honest that partly undermines the addition of a second hub as I end up with all the device clutter back on the original hub.

Upvoting but going to have to consider my options. Not reversing things after all that.

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In the top 10 of open feature request votes, just say’n…

:man_technologist:t4: This feature is now available in beta!

:link: [BETA] Multiple Hubitat Hubs

We ended up having to touch some pretty core parts of the platform to support this, so the ability to authorize multiple hubs is technically available in production starting with yesterday’s platform release! The ability to disconnect existing hubs is only available via the beta interface at the moment.

The ability to authorize multiple Hubitat Hubs is now available for everyone! :partying_face:

:link: Multiple Hubitat Hubs