Ability to Authorize more than 1 Hubitat location

Currently its not possible to Authorize 2 Hubitat locations in SharpTools. You can only have one hub at a time. Note that these locations are on different LAN’s so Hub Mesh will not work. Hubitat returns a token which is valid for a single hub at a time.

Solution - Workaround:
Add capability in SharpTools to store a token per hub allowing for multiple Authorized Hubitat locations in a SharpTools account.

Original Post:

Hey guys, I know this is only a couple votes (1 is mine), hard to believe theres not many with 2 Hubitat hubs on different LAN’s using Sharptools. But is this an easy change or a big deal that will fall way down the list and many months out. Its kind of a deal breaker for me and wanting to know if I should make other HW/SW choices to get my 2nd location reliably back on a dashboard sooner than later.


It’s not an ‘easy’ change necessarily as there’s a few core parts of the system that would be touched by the change.

I think most people end up going with one of the workarounds noted in the thread linked in your original post - like using HubConnect to connect multiple hubs which may be why this request is not getting as much traction in terms of votes.